GSoC week #10

Posted by Gábor Molnár on August 27, 2013

This is the summary of the 10. week of my Google Summer of Code project: HTTP/2 prototype server implementation in node.js.

The biggest work item I got done this week is the prioritization.

Besides that, I worked on API compatibility. That means that the node-http2 API now looks very similar to the standard node.js HTTP API.

Goals for the next week is improving test coverage, and starting work on a HTTP/2 test service with failure injection capability. Failure injection makes it possible to test how HTTP/2 implementations react to malfunctioning peers. Testing browsers with a failure injection tool is one of the main goals of this project, so it's quite important to get right. Possible error scenarios are collected in the wiki.

As usual, the latest code is published on npm (just type npm install http2 to install it), and the hosted version of the docs and the prototype public server was updated as well.