GSoC week #9

Posted by Gábor Molnár on August 19, 2013

This is the summary of the 9. week of my Google Summer of Code project: HTTP/2 prototype server implementation in node.js.

The focus of this week was improving the top layer of the stack: the public API and the mapping of HTTP concepts to HTTP/2 streams.

Besides that, with the help of Patrick McManus from the Mozilla networking team, I managed to get node-http2 to work with the latest HTTP/2 development build of Firefox! In the process we also discovered a bug in Firefox's header compression implementation. If you follow this blog you've probably seen the proof, but here it is again :)

Improving the top layer meant

What I did not have time for is implementing prioritization, which is the main goal for the following days. If I have more time this week, the next thing on my TODO list is an API for intentional failure injection. This would make it possible to write a server that tests its clients' error handling capabilities.

As usual, the latest code is published on npm (just type npm install http2 to install it), and the hosted version of the docs and the prototype public server was updated as well.