GSoC week #4

Posted by Gábor Molnár on July 14, 2013

This is the summary of the fourth week of my Google Summer of Code project: HTTP/2 prototype server implementation in node.js.

This one is going to be short. Last week was mainly about finishing the Stream class. It has tests, docs and everything else such a class needs to have :) The annotated source code is available here.

Lately I spent more time participating in discussions on the http-wg mailing list. I feel like the standard is now familiar enough to have useful feedback on some parts of the design. Since my mentor, Nick encouraged me to continue participating, I plan to remain active on the list in the future as well.

Next week I plan to implement the Connection class, that is a major part of the big puzzle, and this will make it possible to have meaningful communication between a node-http2 server and a client. Handshake is not planned for next week yet, but HTTP/2 does allow for a client and a server to communicate without handshake in certain cases, so this will be standard HTTP/2 conversation between the two component! :)

As usual, the latest code is published on npm (just type npm install http2 to install it), and the hosted version of the docs was updated as well. Feel free to open issues in the issue tracker or just email me directly if you find any problem.